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Since October 12, 2022, when President Joe Biden recently tightened his immigration policy, expanding the "Title 42" law. Many Latinos, especially Venezuelans who have crossed the US border illegally, have been banned from entering the US till the suspension of this law, that have been planned for deferral on 21st December 2022.
(Ongoing)Report part1 ( Broken dream ) from Mexico City and Mexican Refugee Aid Commission (COMAR) tells the story of the struggle, constraints, obstacles
and life of Venezuelan, Honduran and Nicaraguan migrants stranded now in CDMX, waiting for the transit or temporary working permission to continue to the Northern border of EU and about their encountering dangers, extortion, violence, kidnapping and corruption from the side of the Mexican police to cross the most dangerous country of Latin America -Mexico in order to arrive at the border and realize their "American dream".

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