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À Matamoros, au Mexique, l'espoir d'une vie meilleure pour les « caminantes » -

My first of the follow up reporting from the US Mexico border... published in

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Proposition de photoreportage ( travail en cours)


Sujet du reportage :

 Reportage photo de Tijuana et Ciudad Juarez, villes situées à la frontière entre les États-Unis et le Mexique, où plus de 59 000 réfugiés du Venezuela et d'Amérique centrale sont bloqués en raison de

la nouvelle extension de la loi américaine sur l'immigration appelée Titre 42, une politique cruelle qui exacerbe inutilement les crises humanitaires au Mexique.

Photo's de mon séjour à CDMX, la  crise  humanitaire au Mexique

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Reportage pour La Presse, : ( total 8 photo's)

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Preparation for the Visual Sorytelling workshops with Inuit children in Nunavik, Québec. 

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First family that I interviewed... Abdullah Mashal, his wife Mursal and children Bibi Hawa et Rizwan in their Sherbrooke appartment, in Quebec, Canada, 2022

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Mursal , the wife of Abdullah Mashal is showing me the photos from their house and parties back in Afghanistan. Such a big contrast between

the white walls of the appartement in Sherbrooke and colorful and warm house in Kabul.

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  M.Sharif Sharaf with two of his sons Zinullah and Hashmar in their new home in Toronto. 2022 . Interview and article in Pivot Quebec independent media.


Zinullah, son of M.Sharif Sharaf praying in the livingroom , Toronto 2022

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Portrait of  Farida Nekzad, journalist and mighty advocate of the women

journalists in Afghanistan , photographed in Carleton University of Journalism in Ottawa. March 20222

Article about the Gaza hospital in Beirut, to read on 15-38 Méditerrané, together with journalist d''Orient -le jour Emmanuel Haddad

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Ongoing  portraits of refugees who fled the war in Syria living in the most poor neighbourhoods in and around of Beirut.

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