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Street portraits of young couples


I started with the portraits during the pandemic period after the first week of strict lock down in Montreal.

While most people were still hiding from the virus, young couples were seeking an urgent physical and social connection with each other in the normally busy streets or parks.

I was looking for people who have some kind of vulnerability, their own style and by their personality they have an interesting story to tell.

I continued this project wherever I travelled to see the differences or similarities in the young couples and also because i love to photograph them so much. Nothing in my photographs has a heavy duty concept, they are very spontaneous scenes.

Agatha and Alban, Montreal 2020
Agatha and Alban, Montreal 2020
 Mika and Heidi, Montreal 2020
Malak and Marlon, Montreal 2020
Marlon and Malak, Montreal 2020
Jade and Yuan, Montreal, 2020
Jade and Yuan, Montreal 2020
Anita and Arnaud, Montreal, 2020
Anita and Arnaud, Montreal, 2020
 Emiliano and Gabriela, Montreal, 2020

Marco and Lisa , Paris, 2021


 Ilyas and Amira, Paris, 2021


Raisa and Mohammed, 2021

Antonio, Paula y Adrian Rodos Cisneros.jpg

Paula (16), Antonio ( 17) and their baby Adrian Rodos Cisneros. Mexico City, 2022

photo 2-3.jpg

Hiba and Martin, Montreal, 2022


Andréi and Wil, Mexico City, 2022


Eduardo and Daniela, Mexico City, 2023


Klerk Reyes , Carla and her sister., Mexico city 2023


Young couple in Mexico City, 2022

Isadora &Darshann.jpg

 Darshann and Isadora, Montréal, 2022

Frannie et René .jpg

 René and Frannie, Montréal, 2023

Natheysha et Juan 1.jpg

Natheysha and Juan, Montréal, 2023

Silvia y Ricardo 2.jpg

Sylvia and Ricardo, Mexico City 2022

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