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Sarka Vancurova is a documentary, humanistic photographer, artist and photo reporter, whose work focuses on the socially engaged concepts that fight the social injustice and shed the light on people living on the margins of society in different parts the world. She has lived and worked in many countries such as United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands and since 2020 she lives in Canada.

Education :

2015- 2016  Master Photography, St. Joost Art Academy /Breda, The Netherlands, film studies

2006- 2010  Bachelor of design (Bdes documentary photography) at Art Academy of Visual Arts /

                    Hoge school voor de Kunsten, Utrecht, mention of honour, The Netherlands


Expositions Solo :

2012 Gypsies of Sant Cugát, library of  Sant Cugát del Vallés ,Barcelona
2011 project Wilma, Complex Hartloper, Utrecht
2011 ADM –portraits Amsterdamse dok maatchappij, library Slotervaart 2010 HKU  expo, Hoge school van den Kunsten, Utrecht
2008 Portraits from the squatting movement at Theatre Kikker Utrecht,
2007 Portraits from the squatting movement, Mini galerie, Gruttersdijk 28,Utrecht
2005 Never in one place, About company Timecircus, Belgium Brugge 2002
2003 Rosas danst, pictures of the performance, Concertgebouw Brugge, Belgium 2002 Wijk up, Zeebrugge, St.Pieters and St.Jozef, Brugge 2002, Belgium
2002 The Emigrants, portraits of refugees, Brugge, Belgium

Expositions Group :

2017 Médecines Sans Frontières,Then and Now (Unfolding the story of MSF in Lebanon), Beirut

2017 Lauswolt galerry, Olterterp, Self-portraits series

2017 Peep Show, Self-portrait, Non-profit Art works / Schiedam, Netherlands
2017 Rotterdam Photo festival, serie portretten with the theme Identity 2016 Scene from the marriage,

adaptation of J.Bergmann, short video fragment

projected in EYE film museum Amsterdam, as a presentation of the Masters St.Joost Art Academy
2016 Playing with reality project , at St.Joost,Breda/ Masters photography,

video and photo installation.


2016 Projects and prospects- Art Rotterdam ( Mondriaan fonds, Children of the revolution)

2015 City exposition Kracht van Rotterdam, Rotterdam
2015 12 photographers -12 streets - 12 provincies Mariabastion straat Maastricht 2014

          Various artists –Various work ,Open Ateliers Gustoweg
2013 Inside Outside ,1000 Photos Amsterdam
2013 NDSM tussen 2007-2011, Het Plekk, NDSM terrain
2012 Body fragments, Institut d’Éstudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya in Barcelona 2012 Self-portraits,

          Uit de back festival, Castricum
2012  project Wilma, International center of photography La Rambla de Raval,Barcelona
2012  Self-portraits, Centre de civic Drassanes
2011  project Bare, Café Het Hart, Utrecht
2010  Het groeien van de klein berk, graduation exam 2010
, Faculty for Contemporary art and design,

          HKU Utrecht 2003 Bordello, Kunst in de Rosse buurt, Antwerpen

Booklets :

2017  Portret of Wilma / Hague Street news

2016 booklet Children of the revolution documentary project 2016, Prospects &Concepts,

Mondrian's fund shows talent

2012 Piel de foto, gypsies of  Sant Cugát del Vallés
2011 Dj ́s and vinyl collectors

2011 ADM book ( Amsterdam Dok society), Utopian place of the squatting scene in Amsterdam
2010  book about Wilma, bachelo  project
2006-2011 photo's and artikels in Ravage magazine
2009 photographic journalistic work in AD Algemene dagblad / Rotterdam, daily news

Stipendium and Grants :

2015-2016  Mentoring grant for emerging artists

2014- 2015 Startstipendium, Work budget Young Talent, Mondrian's fund, The Netherlands.

2002- 2003 Work budget, European Commission Young talent, Brugge, Belgium.

Trainings :

2020-2021   former member of the photo studio Hans Lucas in Paris.

2020-2021   Visual storytelling workshop by Sebastian Liste, photographer of agency Noor images

2015-2016   Mentoring traject by Dutch portrait photographer, Koos Breukel

2016            photojournalist by Trouw, daily newspaper in NL

2009            photojournalist by Het Algemeen Dagblad/daily newspaper NL


Seechange initiative Inuits, Canada

La Presse - french newspaper, Pivot Quebec- independent media in Quebec.

 Women association-Coalition montréalaise de la marche mondiale des femmes,Montréal

 Solidarité sans frontières, Montréal, Collectif femmes du Québec.

Paradox documentary organisation NL,

15-38 , Le Croix, Ravage magazine

Médecines Sans Frontières( Jordan and Lebanon), L'Orient le Jour

Refugee work ( Vluchtelingen werk) Netherlands , Triumphant Mercy- Lebanon.

Alzheimer magazine Netherlands, University of Amsterdam

Portrait Studio Sarka Vancurova (sinds 2014- ) particular clients
Kracht van Rotterdam, Spectrum (student organisation of University of Amsterdam)

Fotodok Utrecht NL, Advertising company Het Heart
Circe films production, D'Buster company,
non-profit organization Trammeland Amsterdam,
Film productions Amsterdam- set photography, Nijenhuis and co, BV film productions,

Du Photo Photoweek Amsterdam, Algemeen dagblad Rotterdam ,Time circus Antwerp

Antwerp Concertgebouw Brugge , ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event)

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