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 Selection of photographs of women and children that I met during my journey in North India and my photo reporting from Rajasthan, Mumbai and New Delhi, about the scarcity of water and its burden of the women living in the desert , about water pollution in Mumbai or dust pollution and toxic industries in and around New Delhi.

Photographs are leading source to the the stories that i want to tell concerning the Indian society and the position of the women inside. 'Women of India' is a continuing project that should be presented in a book about women and their stories, reporting from different parts of India.

"Everyone knows that India is a hard place for women", says Ellen Barry, journalist and the New York Times' South Asia Bureau Chief,  in one of her interviews.

Her sentence inspired me to look further about the situation of the women in India , their hardship, stubbornness, how they are treated in different casts  and what social value they have inside Indian society.

The project in ongoing, with a focus to look for compelling stories of the women that are changing the Indian culture and social norms, rebelling against the gender inequality.

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